Pricing is based on a number of factors:
if a photograph, the size of the edition, sales history, size of the work, and paper used;  if a painting, the support (paper or canvas), the type and amount of paint (e.g., watercolor or acrylic), and the complexity and size of the work.

In general work ranges from the mid two figures for an unlimited edition 8×10 photograph up to the beginning four figures for the largest paintings on gallery-wrap canvas.  Most of the current paintings would be in the mid-to-high three figures (e.g., $375-825), artist-direct pricing, unframed.

There is something for every budget.

*All photographs are small/in low-resolution for the web.  If you are
considering a purchase but would like to see a slightly larger image or a cropped area at actual printed resolution, please email: [email protected]

Payments through Paypal or e-transfer.

Shipping and references available.

paintings, mixed media, photography