About the Artist


Gwendolyn (“Wendy”) Borglum is an award-winning artist
and pianist, a published travel writer and photographer, a wife,
and the mother of three  children. She enjoys art as a journey
–experimenting with different techniques and exploring many
media. Within a notable range, she strives to create work that is
contemporary yet timeless; personal yet universal;
characterized by an elegance of design, and, at times,
haunting ambiguity.

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour, photograph

Wendy holds degrees in Studio Arts and the History of Art and
Architecture (double major) as well as English–though she actually began her university studies as a piano major, winning a full four-year music scholarship in her first year.  In photography, she is completely self taught.  She draws upon her diverse creative background to inform and enrich every artistic decision.  To date, her work has been included in over twenty-five juried regional and national exhibitions in Canada and the United States, in gallery, art institute, and museum settings.

She has lived in Calgary, Alberta for over sixteen years,
and part-time in the Columbia valley of British Columbia
for twelve.  She is a dual citizen of Canada and the US.

She currently sells work privately, through the Leighton Art Centre Gallery in Calgary, and through juried shows.



paintings, mixed media, photography