collage sampling of on-site portrait photography and photo editing for the 2015 class of (33) sixth graders at elementary school, for use in memory book  (volunteer)

borglum AFE portraits collage

5×7″ card stock invitation: concept; on-site group photography; photo editing; design research, selection and customization;
production management (volunteer)

borglumAFE invite


self-portrait 2015: photograph and digital painting



self-portrait 2013: photograph and digital painting

Wendy Borglum self-portrait


self-portrait, Halloween 2011: photograph and digital painting

self-portrait, photograph and digital painting

(detail) self-portrait at the age of 25: pastel

Wendy Borglum self-portrait, detail

sepia photograph, G. Borglum at age 2

Gwyneth at age 2

hand-painted photograph of H. Borglum at age 3,
as framed; frame purchased at antique show

H. portrait as framed

framed watercolor portrait of a niece and nephew–a surprise gift;
using this for advertising went on to accept further
paid watercolor portrait commissions


digitally-altered photograph
–a memorial gift

Remembering Cooper


Artist’s Note:

While I no longer choose to accept commissions for painted
portraits, I would give consideration to  photograph-based projects.

paintings, mixed media, photography