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March 8, 2017

I’m planning to blog on my new wildlife paintings soon–very pleased with these–small sample of my latest below.  Note that these are not yet posted in the gallery.  I’ll also be adding a new category of “wildlife” to the gallery breakouts.

Circle of Life
acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas
24 x 24″


November 8,  2016

I’ve worked on six paintings since May: two abstracts on new-to-me supports that I’m not convinced are quite finished; a landscape and a floral I’m keeping as colour and design references/considering studies for future works; and two florals (including Violaceous–the featured work on my home page) that I’ve recently delivered, along with 11 other works, to the Leighton Art Centre.

The Leighton hosts the annual Christmas in the Country Art Sale. The event is longstanding and the biggest in the Calgary region for *living, local* artists.  It’s a great opportunity to see a number of my works in person and to purchase unframed before December.    Information below.  Please note days and hours of operation.  Also, all the art bins involved in this sale are available to view during the week and will be out until Nov. 26.


Aside from packaging and preparing work for that sale, I’ve painted colour swatches and gathered my reference materials for several more paintings–one landscape and two or three wildlife–I often think about what I’m going to do long before I get to it at this point in my family life.

Creative endeavours with the new school year also include being the new volunteer editor for a monthly school newsletter.  I saw the opportunity to expand its scope and size–a redesign, the addition of photography, colour, visual interest….That, along with the opportunity to also use my English degree and work experience for editing, wordsmithing, organizing, headlines….it’s a satisfying and unique way for me to give back.


May 11, 2016

A few pictures from the wonderful Leighton art show opening on Sat. May 7–the gallery/museum exterior, the 80-acre grounds with spectacular views, and my work as framed.

IMG_2938 2





Change of Season
acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas, framed
15 x 30″


May 4, 2016


It’s exciting and rewarding to have my work featured on social media in the promotion of the Leighton show–really looking forward to it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.52.03 AM


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.55.43 AM


Leighton 14th Juried Show


March 15, 2016

“Change of Season,”  completed in early March, is a new favourite of mine.  I began with a colour scheme and subject in mind, but painted with chance, a fair amount of risk, and very rarely with a brush.

In this work I enjoy the transluscent glow of water media, lost and found edges, the character of pattern impressions, the push and pull of abstract versus reality, and the colours of the outdoors at this time of year.  The work is an ode to our ubiquitous back-and front-yard residents, snowshoe hare, whose fur changes colour with each season to blend in with the environment.

I can see painting a whole line of these.

While I often paint subject matter in true-to-topic colours, in this case I am also using my very favourite “every day” colours–those of blue spruce,  aspen bark, turquoise lakes, dried grasses, snow, earth, and sky.

update:  this painting has been selected by jury for the
14th Annual Juried Members’ Show
“The Best of the Best”
Leighton Art Centre
May 7-June 19, 2016

Change of Season

Change of Season
15 x 30″
acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas


in reserve



February 23, 2016


I am very much inspired by nature and the colours associated with the seasons and thus work in a cyclical, organic way when it comes to subject matter.

Every holiday season I admire poinsettias and think
“I need to paint those.”  As mother of three children between the ages of 9 and 16, however, I never have the time in December.  So as of January this year I was eager to begin, using both live specimens and some of my photographs for reference.

I enjoy challenging myself and experimenting with different methods, materials, and sizes (how else to learn what works best).  Having never painted poinsettias before, I began five paintings in succession on four different kinds of supports.  I finished three (two support types simply could not hold up to my mixed-media methods).

I begin with a colour scheme in mind and a general idea of the design, and then let the paint have a voice before directing the process once more.  The experience helps to crystallize for me what I find so magical about painting–forethought and design match spontaneity, chance and nuance.   Semi-abstract images capture the essence of what I love about these flowers, with plenty of room for my imagination.  Texture both literal and implied, and occasionally subtle metallics, add surface interest.  My experiments don’t always work out–but they often lead to an end result that I find visually and intellectually more exciting than anything literal.

While I begin with a basis in reality and a knowledge of the flower structure, the end result is created, not copied.  Because each one is completely unique, I enjoyed giving the final poinsettia paintings an invented variety name that suited them.

Poinsettia-Linen and Lace

Poinsettia – Linen and Lace
16 x 20″
acrylic and metallics on mixed-media panel
~my first poinsettia painting


Poinsettia - Feliz Navidad

Poinsettia – Feliz Navidad
16 x 20″
acrylic on mixed-media panel


Poinsettia - Evergreen

Poinsettia – Evergreen
15 x 30″
acrylic and metallics on gallery-wrap canvas



Poinsettia - Evergreen (detail)

paintings, mixed media, photography